College of Birmingham was established in 2013 as an online and not for profit education-training centre and progressed into a full-fledged global higher education provider offering vocational and professional courses, both online and on-campus at Birmingham, UK.

A Born Global Organization

College of Birmingham takes pride in calling itself a ‘born-global’ private organisation providing vocational and professional courses. Being registered with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with UK Provider Reference Number 10043873, College of Birmingham is an authentic and highly reliable education provider.

A Dedicated Team of Professional Tutors for Better Education

Unlike others, College of Birmingham realizes the sheer need of quality education for the learners of varied age groups today. We have brought together a highly dedicated team of professional tutors who are committed to delivering the highest levels of support to all our learners.

Professionally Developed E-Learning Courses

Our e-learning courses are professional designed by highly qualified teachers and tutors to give our clients a unique method of learning. Some major benefits of our courses include:

  • All online classes are conducted at a time, pace and place which is up to the student to choose. You don’t lose time and don’t compromise on other priorities of your life the way you would have to with other educational institutes.
  • We have minimised the paperwork so you don’t tie up resources administering the apprentice scheme.
  • Our courses are designed to encourage students in a way that is more appealing and relevant to their experiences and needs unlike traditional training methods.
  • With apprenticeship training, the entire delivery is at the workplace. This way, you are always aware of what your apprentices are doing and they gain a greater affinity with your company.

We Deliver You the Courses Right from the Start

With respect to Online courses, unlike other education centres, we provide you learning materials right from the beginning through delivery or via LMS. In other words, you get the complete course right from the start. No hidden costs! No hassles!