General English – Course Details

Key Information:
1. Levels : Beginners, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate
2. Hours per Week : 15 to 21 hours per week, mornings and afternoons
3. Start Days : Enrolments every month
4. Awarding Body and Visa Sponsor: British Institute of Resource Development (BIRD) in partnership with College Of Birmingham
5. No of Students per class : 15-20 Learners
6. Course Length : 12-15 Weeks (Flexible) per each level
7. Teaching Faculty : CELTA / DELTA Certified Staff only
8. Entry Requirements : Minimum 18 years; no other specific requirements

Course Objectives:
• To give students the confidence to live and work in an English-speaking world
• To enable students to identify various English texts, write in range of genres, to discuss materials and present ideas/opinions
• To make them familiar with the range of everyday conversations

The General English Course is a specialized English language program for International students who are preparing themselves for a lifetime experience – either to work, to study or to live in the United Kingdom.

Program Delivery: 

Our friendly and experienced teachers are dedicated to providing students with a very supportive and motivating learning environment to unlock their learning potential. Our General English Course is effectively delivered through:
• Our preferred small class size
• Task-based activities for pair work and group work
• Communicative Language Teaching methodology
• Supplements of web-based learning materials
• Flexible teaching approach to meet the learning pace of the students
• Dynamic and interesting interactive classroom activities
• 21 contact hours a week, inclusive of face-to-face classroom interactions and guided learning or excursions

Course Contents:
Our General English program is especially designed to help students to:
o develop and upgrade their four macro-skills in English language; speaking, listening, reading and writing
o lay a solid foundation for grammar, structures, vocabulary, and language problem-solving skills
o achieve social success in the UK everyday lifestyle context

Course Features: 

• Course-book based modular courses
• Regular progress tests
• End of course certificates
• Personalized reports

Course Duration:
4 Months per level

Course Fees:
International Learners: £275/week

NB. The price includes all study materials except external exam fee. Additional tuition hours if required will be charged @ £15 per hour.
The procedure for recruitment for English courses is as follows:

1. Prospective learner identified and basic docs are submitted by the learner.
– Candidate to be above 18 years of age.
– No any English related qualifications are required.
– Submit passport, address proof, and any qualifications if available.
2. Documents are submitted to the college/ Institute
3. College/ Institute assess the docs and issue an offer letter.
4. The learner makes his visa application using the offer letter (The Institute shall help the learner inn this process if needed.)
5. Learner enters UK (Institute could facilitate in their accommodations and airport pickup etc.)
6. Learner studies the course with us for 20 months.
7. Visa issued is for 11 months at one time. After 10 months the learner goes back to country and re applies for another 11 months to complete the rest of the course duration.