Living in London can be pricey and you should allow at least £820 per month to cover your living costs, according to UK Border Agency guidelines. This includes accommodation, gas and electricity, food, clothing, books and daily travel expenses. However, you should remember that many of the wonderful attractions, including museums, art galleries and parks are free or heavily discounted for students.


Estimated living costs for UK/EU undergraduate in University accommodation
Item Per week Per month Per year (271 days)
Rent (including bills) GBP 87.82 GBP 381.86 GBP 3,400.00
Food GBP 33.00 GBP 143.49 GBP 1,277.57
Books and copying GBP 8.75 GBP 38.05 GBP 338.75
Social GBP 30.00 GBP 130.44 GBP 1,161.43
Clothes GBP 7.50 GBP 32.61 GBP 290.36
Laundry and toiletries GBP 5.00 GBP 21.74 GBP 193.57
Travel GBP 9.00 GBP 39.13 GBP 348.43
Telephone/mobile and TV licence (assuming a TV licence for each bedroom is bought) GBP 8.50 GBP 36.96 GBP 329.07
Total GBP 189.57 GBP 824.29 GBP 7,339.18


Things to see and do
There is a lot to see and do in Birmingham. We encourage all our students to make the most of what Birmingham has to offer during their time here. Speak to our student welfare officer for recommendations.

London Attractions
With so many attractions, both historical and contemporary, London is one of the world’s most exciting cities to explore. These are the top 10 attractions (according to visitor numbers in 2010) that you won’t want to miss.

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